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Air Conditioning Repair

Suffering from AC issues? Get quick, reliable air conditioning repair to stay cool all summer.

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Blocked Condensation Drainage

Got a blocked condensation drain? We’ll efficiently clear it for uninterrupted HVAC operation.

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Duct Installation

Need new ducts? Trust Nexus Air for quality duct installation that ensures comfort in every season.

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Frozen Coil

Frozen coil issues? Our technicians will promptly fix it, ensuring your comfort all year round.

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HVAC Installation

Choose Nexus Air for expert HVAC installation and enjoy year-round comfort in your home or business.

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No Cool Or Heat

Is your HVAC failing to heat or cool? Let our experts quickly diagnose and fix it for year-round comfort.

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Power Supply Issues

Encountering power problems? Our technicians swiftly fix your HVAC power issues for consistent comfort.

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Thermostat & Fan Repair

Troubles with your thermostat or fan? Our skilled team will repair it for optimal HVAC performance.


Our Offers

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Beat the heat with our AC checkup! For a limited time, get a $75 discount. Our pros will inspect and tune-up your AC, ensuring it runs smoothly. Avoid costly repairs and stay cool all season.

Offer expires May 31, 2024
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10% OFF New AC Unit Installation

Upgrade your comfort with 10% off on new AC installations. Choose the best unit for your home and enjoy efficient, hassle-free installation by our experts. Act now to enhance your home’s cooling efficiency!

Offer expires December 30, 2024

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